Our Terms & Conditions

The hiring of our event space is open to families, groups, businesses, sporting clubs and organisations. We do not charge a booking fee but we do require a minimum of 2 platters to be purchased for your event to go ahead.

As we may open specifically for your event, staffing the space to make everything run smoothly we ask for a minimum of a full 24 hour notice period should your event need to be cancelled. If this notice is not provided we will accept the payment of your platters to help cover the cost to our business.

We ask all guests to remember the seriousness of the Responsible Service of Alcohol Act. There are specific reminders all around our event venue to keep this at the forefront of you and your guests mind. All event organisers including their guests are responsible for any breach in the Responsible Service of Alcohol Act. Should our staff require any guests to limit their alcohol intake, be removed or otherwise as per the RSA legislation (click here for more information) we expect that our staff will be respected in this process.

Future bookings & Feedback

We may connect with you after your event to ask for your feedback or to offer you an opportunity to book with us again. The information we keep about you and your business or organisation is held in a private and confidential manner and is not shared with any outside parties. For further information on this please see Our Privacy Policy.